Sound Works

I, 12 Electronic Drawings for Tape

21 Points of Contact, Pluck the Green Fields

UMzVUvs, Vowel Spaces

Tenor: Robert Dunlap


Vii, 12 Electronic Drawings for Tape


ם (b)OOEEEE(m)ב, Vowel Spaces



Uriel Listened in on Fake News, Pluck The Green Fields


The Bells, Window Songs


Syzygy, Window Songs


Swivel, Window Songs


Letters; From Boris Pasternak’s Poem, Ветер( Wind), Blue Window

Collaboration with Vocalist Lera Borisova

Violin: Shelby Dems


Fugue, Pluck the Green Fields


Collisions, I,II

Performed and Recorded Live in Crouse Hall, Setnor School of Music

Violin: Dylan Jackson

Viola: Sara Potcsny

Cello: Anouk Lenormand

Soprano: Kirstin Marsh

Tenor: Robert Dunlap

©JSHorseman, 2020